Martin Laird
Coldwell Banker Realty
 I figured there would be a ton of work and several trips east to sell this house. Martin made this transaction smoother than if I'd been living next door. Because Martin manged all the details, including substantial repairs (really acting a general contractor) we got the house on the market quickly  and looking great without me having to travel across the country. Because of his great prep work, we were also able to get premium value. I been involved in a dozen or so real estate transactions and I have never seen an agent who went above and beyond the call of duty to the extent Martin did with this sale. Truly incredible!
Martin was outstanding to deal with - he reminded me what true partnership and service means. He preempted all my needs and was ready at all times to take me through to the next steps in the process. He provided access to his extensive list of local professionals and enabled me to get the job done  quickly and at the right level.
Martin was great. We were new to the east coast and the Boston area. Martin took the time to go over the different areas and work with us to find something we liked in a very short amount of time. He recommended everyone that we worked with including home inspectors, mortgage lender, lawyer etc,  and everyone he recommended was good.